Bluebaring Recruitment Ltd are commited to supporting worthy causes wherever we can. Over the years we’ve been able to support a number of causes close to our hearts to help improve the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.

Forces4 is leading the way in supporting our service leavers getting back into careers they can grow as individuals. We are in the Thames Gateway but there really is no area of operation for us since the support we offer spans the entire United Kingdom. Forces4 specialise in facilities, maintenance, construction and security. With our vast ex- perience and knowledge we work with the top companies to unlock the vast pool of skills and experience from our service leavers that can be missed by the normal generic recruitment service. So for the employer, Forces4 will work with you to find that perfect bespoke recruitment solution.

Knives Down Gloves Up are passionate and determined to stop this dreadful rise of gang and knife crime within our communities. Saving young lives by using the art of boxing as a pathway to educational courses and full-time employment.

Homeless Eats started with a feeling of sadness after seeing a hungry homeless person on the street asking for something to eat. When he was given something to eat and while he was eating, seeing his happy content smile, it emerged inside to do something to help them. From there Romford shopkeepers started feeding the homeless in the neighbourhood. Now they are helping across Essex and expanding.

Little Havens is a hospice set in beautiful meadowland in Rayleigh, Essex.

We care for children and young people up to the age of 19 from Essex and the surrounding boroughs who have been
diagnosed with a complex or incurable condition.

We offer overnight respite breaks, emergency stays, symptom management and care at the end of a child’s life. There are also ‘Day Stay’ sessions and the opportunity to attend specific groups and activities relevant to you and your child’s needs. Support is also offered to the child’s family.

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