We take compliance very seriously

Compliance at Bluebaring is one of our major focuses. We adhere to the REC strict code of conduct and in addition we get guidance from our trusted advisors and governing bodies to make sure we are fully compliant in every aspect of our business . This is not only to protect ourselves against ever changing legislation, this is ultimately to also protect our clients interests. We are advised by Accountex, FCSA, Chartergates, APSCO and Professional Passport through our trusted network of suppliers. We ensure that we are always one step ahead of legislation to make sure we can protect our clients.

IR35/Off Payroll

There is a lot of talk in the industry about IR35 currently and we as an agency are at the cutting edge of compliance. Rest asssured we guarantee that we do not pay any workers through ways that can affect the end client. We ensure that none of our workers will fall in to IR35 and we have a number of compliant solutions, which we are helped to deliver by the accredited payroll companies we use, that are backed by Chartergate, Acountext, Professional Passport, APSO and FCSA.

If you have any concerns, please email info@bluebaring.com for more information.

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